Drayton Nabers, Jr. and Deborah Daniels co-founded the Offender Alumni Association (OAA) 2014. The organization started its first support group in Birmingham, AL.  The group was made up of 5 former offenders. In 2016, the organization received it IRS determination as a 501-c-3. 

During that year OAA launched support forums in 2 major Alabama prisons  and implemented its community revitalization initiative. 

By 2017, OAA added the family support group while retrospectively,  over 500 former offenders and family members had attended the outside support forum and nearly 2000 had come to an in-prison support group. During the summer months OAA hosted a Youth Career Readiness Initiative with 14 at risk youth.

In 2018, OAA launched 2 additional outside support forums, 1 in Birmingham West-end and 1 in Atlanta Metro area and started 1 inside forum for women at the Birmingham Community Base Facility. 

OAA is looking forward to hosting its additional support groups in Birmingham-Eastlake, Huntsville, AL, 3 additional in Metro Atlanta and 1 in Murfreesboro, TN by the close of 2018.


OAA Support Forums

Peer to Peer Support is sharing of encouragement and knowledge between individuals with similar life experiences. This is how we coach those who are seeking a different way of life. [READ MORE]


OAA Inside

Now we go inside the walls voluntarily to mentor, to inspire and to ignite hope. There is a tremendous impact when former offenders return behind the walls to share their own experiences with success. It makes a difference that we have been there and are now willing to come back. [READ MORE]

OAA Community Engagement

Our lives and our communities are stronger when our families are stronger. Incarceration impacts the entire family and we welcome every family member who wishes to be a part of the healing process.

We are mobilizing to be leaders in our communities and to be part of the solution as we serve others by improving our surroundings, interacting with our neighbors and sharing encouragement and hope. [READ MORE]