Welcome to the Offender Alumni Association

It’s almost like coming to the edge of the forest and the person wants to come to the other side because everything is so beautiful, and they just can’t make that step.

And you just reach your hand in and say ‘I got you.’
— Dena Dickerson, Executive Director

Our Mission

One offender helping another offender.

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Tell Your Story

Were you previously incarcerated? Do you have a loved one that is or was incarcerated? Are you the child of an incarcerated or previously incarcerated person?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then we want to hear your story. Help us reach others like ourselves that have been impacted by the sting and harm of crime (SIN).

Carmone Owens, Program Coordinator for OAA Inside and former offender, shares his life journey before and after incarceration and the importance of OAA.
Angela Dingler, family member of a former offender, shares her perspective on the importance of OAA to former offenders after incarceration and family members who love them.
Stephanie Hicks, OAA Administrative Director and former offender, shares her life journey as a new offender before and after incarceration and the importance of OAA.