Our Story


Drayton Nabers, Jr. and Deborah Daniels co-founded the Offender Alumni Association (OAA) in 2014 with their first support group in Birmingham, AL. This group included 5 former offenders.

After two years, OAA became an official 501(c)3 non-profit, and launched support forums in two major Alabama prisons, in addition to implementing its community revitalization initiative.

By 2017, over 500 former offenders and family members had attended the outside support forum and nearly 2000 had come to an in-prison support group.

OAA then added a family support group and hosted a Youth Career Readiness Initiative with 14 at risk youth in the summer.

In 2018, OAA launched two additional outside support forums (one in Birmingham West End and one in Atlanta Metro area), and started an inside forum for women at the Birmingham Community Base Facility. 

OAA is looking forward to hosting its additional support groups in Birmingham-Eastlake, Huntsville, with additional locations in Metro Atlanta and Murfreesboro Tennessee scheduled by the close of 2018.