OAA Support Forums

Peer to Peer Support is sharing of encouragement and knowledge between individuals with similar life experiences. This is how we coach those who are seeking a different way of life.

Weekly support forums offer:

  • Peer to peer support

  • Fellowship

  • Acceptance with no judgment because we have been there and we understand

  • A place to solve mutual dilemmas and issues

  • A place to share known resources

  • Engage Family Members

The newly returning citizens gain wisdom and networking opportunities from other former prisoners who are already stable, working, and connected with the local community. The process generates a cycle of "offenders helping offenders. Seasoned members of the group will connect with newcomers, call them on the phone regularly, and invite them back for Monday meetings and Saturday service projects.


“When the system had reduced me from a human being to a commodity, OAA helped me.

Because of their understanding of me, I made a healthy, positive, and powerful transition from a so-called beast back to a human being.”